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Security our concern

* Security is of paramount importance when it comes to your home. Safety glass - ranked amongst the most security conscious materials that one can use to build their home or office. A secure home means peace at the end of the day, which culminates in productiveness.

* We at Door Glass Replacement Guys care about your security that is why we only recommend the best products that are both secure and pocket friendly. Consideration for Every facet of the door-glass-replacement process closely monitored. From installing security hinges to using fiberglass in the actual door.

* We have also considered the cost and have come up with a most lucrative offer. We have gone out of way to make you our customers comfortable. We at Door Glass Replacement Guys offer a 10% discount for every contract exceeding $1000.


How to burglar proof your home

Probably you have installed some features to protect yourself but we at Door Glass Replacement Guys want to advice our clients, it will be wise to also consider installing a good door probably one made out of glass and not just any glass but strengthened, hardened glass - fiberglass. Statistics show that most burglaries normally occur through either doors or windows.


Door Glass Replacement Guys

Therefore, it will make a lot of sense if you asked yourself if you have the right door. Some doors made out of wood have space in-between, which means that they are weak and ill equipped to handle a burglary. Try considering fiberglass doors and windows. It would also make sense to replace all the windows with fiberglass,

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Door Glass Replacement

Always make it a culture to lock your doors every time you step out even if it is just for a little while, because it will make no sense to go through all the trouble of installing fiberglass doors and windows only to leave the door open. Place door hinges on the inside, because exposed hinges no matter how reinforced they are, is a recipe for disaster, they can be pried open as long as they are exposed.

Strengthen the frame of the doors and windows to ensure that the dead bolt on the door has a strong grip. Get a good lock either a single cylinder or a double cylinder will do, the single cylinder only opens from one side and the double cylinder opens from both sides, but it will be wiser to get the double cylinder lock as it secures both side.

In conclusion, by now you have realized that we at Door Glass Replacement Guys are on top of our game, and are ready to supply you our client with any services and products. Subjected to stringent qualitative evaluation and tested with the highest of standards to give you the best that money can buy. Therefore, actually the space accorded on our website is not enough to give you all that you need to set you up comfortably.

That is why we at Door Glass Replacement Guys encourage our clients. To visit any of our offices and sit down with us, because we believe face to face will grant us the desired results, and in turn give you the best services possible. If not possible due to distance or in a state of incapacitation, a video call will suffice. Reach us on 800-316-9556 for more information.

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